South Bruce expanding social media platforms

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SOUTH BRUCE – Prepare to see your mayor and other councillors on more social media platforms soon.

South Bruce councillors unanimously approved the addition of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to the township’s social media tools list and their Jan. 26 meeting.

The Youth Engagement Workshops held in December discovered that the participants consistently suggested using social media, namely Instagram, to reach out to their demographic and encourage more engagement.

“The Corporate Social Media Policy guides the policies and procedures of social media use in the Municipality of South Bruce,” said Communications/Public Relations Officer Steve Travale.

“At present, the policy only has one social media tool or platform – Facebook – that is approved for use. Recognizing the changing trends and continuous development of social media trends and creation and enhancement of various platforms, in the four-year time period since the approval of the current policy, there is the opportunity to expand the list of approved social media tools.”

Travale provided examples of townships that utilize additional social media sites. He showed screenshots of South Huron, Huron-Kinloss, and others who have been sharing information about their community events and township business.

The goal is to reach a broader audience and encourage ongoing engagement in all municipal activity areas, including council and committees, recreation and leisure, tourism, and the ongoing site selection process for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s adaptive phased managment project.

The report went on to say that because of increased virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “YouTube may be an effective platform to make video recordings and/or livestreams publicly available.” This could include video messages, webinars, and meetings.

Video messages, webinars, and meetings could be made publicly available to enhance transparency and accessibility.

“The recording and uploading of some activities could continue at such a time when in-person events resume,” stated the report.

A disclaimer added to the report said, “the addition of these three tools should not bind the municipality to use them immediately, or indefinitely. This amendment should serve to expand the list of tools to be used with appropriate need, resources and demand.”

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times