South Dundas renews focus on municipal drains

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SOUTH DUNDAS – After many delays, the municipality is renewing its focus on improving its municipal drain system.

South Dundas municipal council was presented with a list of quotations from area contractors for the 2021-22 construction seasons at its September 27 meeting.

The list, which had been tendered out earlier in the year, enables Infrastructure Services Coordinator Justin Moran to start getting maintenance work on the municipal drains that is valued at less than $20,000 going as soon as possible.

Anything over $20,000 must be tendered out per project. For each drain where maintenence is under that amount, staff can work with the contractors on the approved list.

Four contractors provided quotations in the process: Lloyd McMillan Equipment, TDM Construction, Quintan Products, and David Brown Construction.

Councillor Archie Mellan said he was glad to see so many local businesses as part of the quotation process, but cautioned that the work being contracted out should match the machinery offered.

“We have to be very careful when we’re handing out drain work on the size of the machine that will be used on certain drains as on the bigger drains those smaller machines won’t be able to perform at an economical rate,” he said. “Oversight on this hourly rate will be very important to make sure we get bang for our buck.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds agreed saying, “we’re way behind and we have to play catch up.”

Council also approved beginning the formal process of reviewing the Fling Drain by appointing Monica Shade from Shade Group Inc. as the engineer to prepare a new report on the drain.

The Fling Drain connects with agricultural land on Muttonville and Hanes Roads.

Appointing an engineer is the first step of the long process of reviewing the drain that will include meeting with landowners, confirming the watershed boundary, topographic surveys, engineering and hydrology, and updating property assessments.

Municipal drain work is overseen by municipal staff, and billed to property owners adjoining each municipal drain.

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Morrisburg Leader

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