South Stormont raises taxes 1.85 per cent

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LONG SAULT – Residents of South Stormont will see a 1.85 per cent tax increase with the township’s 2021 budget.

Council passed its budget at the March 24th regular council meeting after holding two deliberation sessions earlier in the month.

The overall residential property tax bill will increase by $3.65 for every $100,000 of assessed property value. That blended tax rate includes the increase from South Stormont, and an estimated 0.85 per cent tax decrease from SDG Counties. The rate may be adjusted as SDG Counties Council passed a 0.74 per cent tax rate at its meeting on March 15th.

The township has budgeted for $5.2 million in capital expenditures for 2021 including $528K towards work at its Trillium Landfill, $425K in new equipment purchases, over eight kilometres of road rehabilitation, and a rehabilitation of the Valade Road Bridge.

The fire department will purchase a new pumper truck for station two (Ingleside), and the parks and recreation department will buy a new ice resurfacer for the Long Sault Arena.

Other capital spending for the parks and recreation department includes play structure replacements and work on the multi-use path system in Long Sault.

Among the changes to the draft budget was postponing a planned $50,0000 vehicle replacement for the Fire Chief, and $25,000 was pulled from the reserve to demolish the Raisin River Heritage Centre. The now $325,000 reserve will remain for demolition costs of the land-locked building, while $15,000 will go to replace a furnace in a township-owned building in Newington, and $10,000 was used to offset further property tax rate increases.

“Every budget presents its own challenges,” said South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis. “This year, we had to consider the impact of the pandemic on our residents, but also on the Township itself. We feel we have produced a budget that considers the needs of today, preparations for the future, and financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Leader