Southey Pumpkin Decorating Fun

Southey Memorial Hall was filled with the squeals of delighted kids on Saturday evening as they gathered to enjoy an evening of pumpkin painting, face painting, snacks and a raffle.

The event was put on by the Southey & District Recreation Committee and was the first event put on since COVID.

June Lepard said the event was a success, with 45 pumpkins painted. Costco donated the snacks, and the committee supplied the Halloween-themed raffled prize and decorations.

Lepard said the committee members are motivated and looking forward to organizing events in the community.

“Some of the parents are really excited that we were actually doing something in the community for kids.”

The event was geared toward kids aged 1-6, so they painted pumpkins rather than carved ones. “We had glow in the dark paint and we had big eyes you could stamp into the pumpkins and arms and stickers.”

Leopard laughed as she described the rec committee members trying their hand at face painting.

“They were lined up like crazy for the face painting and we are not experts.”

The rec committee will be selling popcorn at the Southey tradeshow on November 26th and 27th and plan to participate in lighting the tree on December 17th with sleigh rides and hot chocolate.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times