Southgate addresses planning files

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The township of Southgate dealt with both town and country planning decisions at its council meeting on Mar. 17. Changes have been made to the way that the township handles re-zoning to allow an on-shop use on a farm.

The zoning will now automatically permit up to the Southgate maximum sizes for shop and outdoor storage and also include a variety of uses – wood, metal, plastics, powder-coat painting and other uses.

Previously, residents had to re-apply, pay new fees, and wait for the application to go through council process and appeal periods if they wanted to expand or change or add uses at the shop..

For example, zoning had to be specially approved at the meeting to permit a dry manufacturing use to the existing paint shop use on Southgate Rd. 24 for John and Rebecca Bowman. That’s because the exact use was part of the zoning in the past.

Also last week, a site plan was approved for Enoch Bauman at a 50-acre property on Southgate Road 12 for a planned on-farm shop, office and power room. The zoning will permit up to the Southgate limits of 750 sq. metres and outdoor storage of 750 sq. m. and a variety of manufacturing uses.

A site plan was approved for Cedarlane Mfg. Inc. on Southgate Road 08. It provides for screening and landscaping of the shop, a commercial entrance, dust control and a water reserve if the township thinks it necessary in the future.

A site plan was approved for Stelrod Manufacturing Inc. on Southgate Road 24. The zoning change was approved in 2017. The site plan includes standard provisions.


Council approved the creation of the smaller lots needed for the townhouses in the Flato subdivision west of Hwy. 10 in Dundalk. Foundations have been poured and the plan is already registered.

The item was added as an addendum as sales were scheduled to be signed before the next council meeting.


Southgate approved a Memorandum of Agreement with Grey County for county lands to be transferred to the local municipality for developing a new medical centre beside the fire hall in Dundalk.

The 0.64 acres of land will help the centre meet the required parking spaces.

The agreement, approved by Southgate, will come before Grey County for its vote this week.

The deal outlines the lands kept by the County for the CP Rail Trail and the land being transferred to Southgate to be used for the medical clinic parking lot. Southgate in turn will develop a dedicated Rail Trail parking lot for County trail users. The cost of the land transfer is to be borne by the South East Grey Community Health Centre.

The agreement also defines the easements to cross the rail trail from the parking lot to the medical centre. It includes the property survey.

After the MOU is approved, the actual agreement will be drafted and come back for approval in April and May and then go to the lawyers to complete the transfer.

Southgate is leasing the property to the South-East Grey Community Health Centre for a nominal fee.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald