Southgate approves public committee to look at housing

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A new committee will look at local actions to support more affordable housing in Southgate. Four members are to come from the public and two from council.

The terms of reference have to come back before council for approval and then the township will promote the opportunity to the public to get interested members.

The committee would explore all options, CAO Dave Milliner said.

Coun. Martin Shipston commented that “there are all kinds of people living in this township,” and was glad to hear that the committee would look at options for all kinds of different living situations.

A presentation on Apr. 7 from Muriel Scott and Gerry McNalty presented some local stories of people struggling financially with high housing costs and requested a committee to look at the problem.

“We’re going to explore all kinds of options,” said CAO Dave Milliner who brought the recommendation and a draft terms of reference to council.

There are many types of housing challenges faced by people with different incomes, ages and life situations, who could be renting and wanting to own.

Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne said he liked the idea of looking at the local angles on the question but urged the township not to wait on making changes and pursuing opportunities right now.

Secondary units and opening up opportunities such as shared driveways and services to make housing more affordable throughout the township were among options mentioned.

Coun. Barbara Dobreen said that the committee could take a more overall look at options and short, medium and long-term priorities by taking a look at the whole picture.

She said that the township doesn’t want to end-up with a mish-mash or to miss a piece of the puzzle, and having a body looking at all options would help.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald