Southgate approves servicing for first retirement living units in Dundalk

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Dundalk’s first apartment building aimed at retirement living, Edgewood Suites, recently came up at council for consideration of servicing to the site.

Flato’s apartments are suitable for seniors although they don't have added services such as meals or personal care

But there will be an elevator in the 80-unit building, as well as a room that can be used for gatherings. The site beside the CN rail trail west of Rowe’s Lane.

Water and wastewater units were assigned for the building by the township.

Council heard that Southgate will be sharing the cost for servicing being extended down the street to the apartment building. These costs are mainly for the sanitary and storm sewers, water main and road work.

Actual costs will determine final amounts but the estimates are that Southgate will pay about $290,000 and the developer about $480,000 for the work on Rowes Lane and two sections of Hagan Street from Rowes Lane to the CP rail trail, and from the CP rail trail to 270 Young St.

Mr. Milliner mentioned that from 270 Young St., the current end of the street near Dundalk & Proton school, costs may be allocated to another developer but that “remains to be seen.”

Coun. Jason Rice inquired after hearing the costs for the township, what Southgate would be receiving from the building project. CAO Dave Milliner replied that it would be about $800,000 in development charges and about $55-60,000 for the building permit.

When the water and wastewater units were assigned, less than one unit was assigned for each apartment as because on average fewer people would live there than in a detached house. The ratio used was 0.7 for apartments regardless of size, for 56 servicing units for 80 apartments.

About 170 servicing units were also set aside for Carriage House subdivision on Glenelg, one for each fully detached (118) and 0.8 for the 65 townhouse units.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald