Southgate brings in municipal finance veteran to handle asset management

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Former Dufferin County treasurer Alan Selby has been hired to help Southgate get its asset management plan in place.

He started work in mid-September after the hiring was delayed due to COVID-19.

Ontario legislation has set out deadlines for completing the plan, which is supposed to aid municipalities in their financial spending when it comes to capital assets.

The township has already adopted its asset management policy. Now it must have a plan ready by June 30, 2021 that covers its “Core Assets”: roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems

Buildings, vehicles, equipment are part of the full plan covering all assets, to be in place by mid-2023.

Southgate has good data available, Selby said, with the 2019 roads study by Triton and the 2019 and 2020 annual bridge inspections by RJ Burnside, which covers half the township bridges one year, and the other half the next.

The last Southgate plan was presented six years ago.

Mr. Selby said he has been updating his training since he retired from Dufferin in June, and will do another online course this fall.

His planned schedule is to have the final version of the Core Assets plan ready early in the third quarter of 2021. He’ll start entering the non-core data into the software at that point.

He would have another two years to finish the task but doesn’t think he will need it. He told council that he expects that before the end of 2022 the expanded version should be finished, about six months before the deadline.

The discussion took place at an early Southgate budget discussion. Mr. Selby said that when Southgate tackles its budget at this time next year, there will be some differences in the information presented from the asset management plan.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald