Southgate Council Digest

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Southgate Council met by electronic means for its regular meeting on April 7 with all members in attendance.


No objections were heard at a public meeting held for zoning to allow an on-farm shop for Paul Martin on Southgate Road 4. The zoning change also will recognize a smaller lot size due to a related severance into two 50-acre parcels.


Council approved awarding the tender for engineering services for two bridges to R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited at $146,150.

The tender for the work will not be awarded until funding is worked out as OCIF (Ontario capital funding) is not taking applications at present.


The tender for the tandem plow truck from Lewis Motor Sales Inc. at a cost of $281,434.26 was accepted. Also approved was the purchase of a used pay loader from Toromont Cat for $148,668.

The successful tender for a pick-up was a crew cab 4x4 pick-up (TAPS) from Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd. at a cost of $41,823.00.

The single axle plow truck will be purchased from Lewis Motor Sales for $256,121.

An asphalt 3-tonne hot box will be purchased from Amaco Construction Equipment Inc. for $43,400. This equipment was made available for demonstration for the Southgate road crew, as was that of the other supplier.

The pick-up for the building department is a crew cab 4x4 pick-up truck from Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd. at a cost of $42,259.


The tender accepted for grave opening and closing at the Dundalk Maple Grove Cemetery is from Rock Compact Excavating for $400 for opening and $400 for closing.

The previous pricing for opening and closing a grave was a total of $462.65. The fee increase relates to the worker’s time and having the equipment tied up that long as it’s not worth “floating” it in and out.

With the increase in the cost of opening and closing, Jim Ellis, public works manager, said that the interment charge will need to be increased when the Fees and Charges By-law is next updated.

The cost for adult burial is now $650 in summer and $1,000 in winter, covering the interment and the Cemetery Caretaker time, the report said.

The deputy-mayor suggested looking into the possibility of future savings if the same company were to be used for the vault purchase, opening and closing.


A zoning bylaw and a site plan were approved for on-farm shop with the usual conditions such as landscaping barriers and a commercial entrance for Austin Martin on Grey Road 109 south of Southgate Road 10. Mr. Martin is moving a combine harvester repair shop from another nearby property.

A site plan was approved which allows an addition to the office for the shop for Aaron Martin on Sideroad 13, north of Southgate Road 14, as well as an amendment to the zoning bylaw.

A zoning change and a site plan were approved for the on-farm shop for Tubeway on Southgate Sideroad 75 south of Southgate Road 26 with the usual conditions.

Planner Clint Stredwick noted that he is now bringing forward the zoning bylaw and site plan forward at the same time when possible to avoid delays for applicants.


Council approved a motion indicating its support for Dr. Ian Arra, Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health.


Two available positions have been filled from within Southgate’s staff.

Melody Hill has been appointed as the Team Leader in Waste Resources and Diversion Management.

Brian Ferguson who has been a seasonal operator for many years was appointed as TAPS operator/labourer.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald