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The regular council meeting was held on May 19 using electronic means with all members participating.


Carole Henderson spoke in Open Forum on behalf of the Show Your Colours Southgate committee to ask the township to proclaim June as Pride Month in Southgate.

The group organized a “Show Your Colours” walk in Dundalk in 2019 and a COVID-19 adapted parade of vehicles in 2020.

Ms Henderson told council that as many new residents of different races, religions, sexuality and gender identities move to Dundalk, “we want them to feel loved and welcomed.”

“Southgate strives to be inclusive and accepting,” she said, adding that the declaration would be a big step in showing that.

The decision was made later in the meeting when the correspondence about the request was considered.

Council passed a motion to proclaim June, 2021 as Pride Month in Southgate, and to share that across social media platforms.

The correspondence from Carole Henderson and Angela Linton Post on behalf of the Show Your Colours Southgate committee gave a history of Pride in Canada, and said that LGBTQ2S people have had to “stay under the radar” and the action would show this community that they are loved and welcome.

The Show Your Colours event is planned this year for June 12.


The township will buy a diesel Kubota Zero Turn Mower from Roberts Farm Equipment in Mount Forest. The price is $18,200 plus HST and there is a trade on the 2014 Toro of $2,800.


Council approved the renewal of the agreement with the Wellington County library for users of the Mount Forest library.

The cost of $120 per household remains the same as in 2020, but the household count decreased to 247, down about 12 percent from last year for a cost of $29,640.


The subdivision agreement spelling out requirements for Phase 1 of the Flato subdivision on Glenelg Street between Dundalk and the back line was approved.

There are 118 single family and 65 townhouses in Phase 1. The agreement was reviewed by the township engineers and planner. The agreement sets out the required securities. At present, the work is proceeding under the pre-servicing agreement. A hold remains on the property until all conditions are met. The CAO said that services have gone through Keppel to reach the building site. Changes were made on Grey Street to take out a “loop.”


Council approved the terms of reference for a new committee to look at the pressing need for affordable places to live in Southgate. The committee now includes both attainable and affordable housing in its mandate..

The next step will be to advertise for members for a short-term committee on housing in Southgate.


Southgate council members got their first look at a draft bylaw to place some municipal limits on communication towers.

The bylaw will be sent out to local internet providers for comment. While the federal level regulates towers, CAO Dave Milliner said that municipalities can address things such as setbacks from property lines and requiring proper signage and access for emergency vehicles if there were to be an accident during maintenance.

Mr. Milliner said it was the right thing for the community to assure that towers were not put in positions such that they might, for example, fall on a neighbour’s property.

Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne said that it was important not to keep new and better internet access out through bureaucracy.

Planner Clint Stredwick said that towers are exempt from the Planning Act. The federal regulation holds in the absence of a municipal regulation. He said near-by residents with concerns are heard better at the local level.

Mr. Milliner said he expected a “varying set of views” to come back for the providers.


A zoning bylaw was passed for an on-farm shop for Manassa Martin on the south side of Grey Road 9 at Southgate Sideroad 71. The farm is about 150 acres. The metal and fabricating shop and power room size is proposed at about 650 sq. m. with outside storage of about 600 sq. m.

A zoning bylaw was passed in relation to an excess farm dwelling severance for Pallister Farms on Southgate Road 22 east of Sideroad 19. Just under three acres will be severed from the 150-acre farm.

Southgate agreed to a change from outside storage to inside storage for an existing on-farm metal shop for Elan and Nancy Martin at Southgate Rd 26 and Southgate Sideroad 73. Outside storage will then be reduced. Any use of the space for manufacturing is prohibited.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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