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Council met online for its first council meeting in Septeember with all members in attendance.


The noise bylaw adopted Sept. 1 sets fines at $150 for most ordinary offences. Council had looked at the draft bylaw on Aug. 1, but the version passed includes increased fines.

Hindering or obstructing a bylaw officer, which includes not identifying yourself, carries its own penalty of $300.

Fines for a corporation and its individual officers are higher.

Organizers of events will still be able to apply for exemptions, as the Dundalk Agricultural Society did for its truck and tractor pull this Saturday.

The bylaw prohibits construction noise on Sundays, and every evening between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Exemptions are provided for snow-clearing, farming, and some other activities.


Council after a long negotiation reached an agreement with Robert Harris that would allow a second entrance from Township Road Sideroad 41 to his lot on Harris Crescent.

Conditions include that any use must be limited to what’s allowed in the residential zone, and that the building planned won’t be used for storing commercial or industrial equipment.

The township had to lift a hold that was placed along the road. The agreement, to be registered on title, makes the owner responsible for any legal or, if needed, enforcement costs arising from the agreement.

The planning department originally recommended turning down the application, with concerns that it might be used for other than residential accessory purposes.


A zoning change was passed for Manassa and Lovina Bowman at Road 24 and Sideroad 19 to allow an on-farm shop. The planner relayed concerns raised at the public meeting about traffic and noise level.

The setback for a light industrial use is 70 metres to a “receptor,” and the nearest house is 300 metres away, the planning report said. The site plan has provisions about the owners responsibility to close openings if noise is excessive.

The increase in traffic would be an anticipated three trucks a day.


A zoning change and site plan for an on-farm sawmill and shop were approved for Enoch Bauman at Road 14 and SR 19. The shop will be screened by trees, and a commercial entrance required.


An official plan amendment was passed to bring the business, Cedar Creek Tools, on Southgate Sidroad 41 at Road 4.

The inventory will shift to be mostly agriculture-related products such as livestock feeding and watering systems, irrigation equipment, fencing equipment and tools, agriculture-related tools. It will continue to offer some general hardware products.

Although the owners had thought of putting an addition on their existing building, that is not practical. Instead, a new, larger building will go up within the building cluster on the seven-acre property.

The proponent provided a planning report justifying the changes in relation to policy, prepared by MHBC.


Township employee Cory Henry recently qualified as a Certified Road Supervisor through the Ontario Association of Road Supervisors.

Southgate Sideroad 49 between Hwy. 89 and Southgate Road 04 is closed until Nov. 30, with three detours in place.

In relation to that, Sideroad 47 between Highway 89 & Southgate Road 04 has barricades placed with No Truck signs because Bridge S107 has a posted load restrictions of 8 Tonnes and observations and heavy trucks started detouring on that road section. Paving will be followed by the bridge works.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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