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Southgate Council held its regular meeting by electronic means on July 21 at 10 a.m. with all members present. Mayor John Woodbury left the meeting for some time to keep an appointment and then returned.


Southgate Council took advantage of a sudden opportunity and bought a property that neighbours the landfill site.

The township will pay $280,000 for the 50-acre property (Ziegler) at West ½ Lot 1 Concession 21. The property can be used in relation to attenuation for the landfill.

CAO Dave Milliner said that the matter was one on which the township had to move “fairly swiftly.”

Coun. Barbara Dobreen asked for more details to be given for the public in a fuller report at the next meeting.

The former owners can live on the property for five years after closing, and be able to use the property recreationally for a further five years.


The speed will be reduced on Southgate Road 04 east of Sligo Road for 400 metres due to complaints from residents. It will be reduced to 60 km/hr zone from 80 km/hr. 41 Rd 04 from Sligo Road east.

Public Works Manager Jim Ellis said that residents report that residents report that people “turn off Sligo and start gunning it right away.” He commented that it’s good timing because this is a detour route while nearby bridge work goes on this summer.

Coun. Shipston said he had observed the problem on the roads himself.

Coun. Dobreen observed that this change is not one that the township will be enforcing – complaints should be to the OPP.


Council approved a 4-way stop intersection at Osprey and Toronto Streets in Dundalk.

Residents are voicing concerns with more traffic from the subdivision to the north with no sidewalks along the street. Southgate testing found that 85 percent of vehicles are within the speed limit of 40 km/hr, but some are well in excess, Mr. Ellis said.

With the new development he said the traffic should be calmed.

Coun. Michael Sherson said he had heard the concerns from residents as well.


The tender was awarded for the bridge works for S108 & S109 and Southgate Sideroad 49 project to Robous Farm Service Limited at $1,644,143.90 plus HST.

They have commitments from subcontractors so that the project could be on time for this year.


A petition for drainage works was accepted from Kimberly Love and adjoining property owners Tilman and Naomi Sherk for work on the lands at Southgate Rd. 14 near Sideroad 13. The work will create an exit, lowering the culvert running north-south across Southgate Road 14.


Lots will soon be registered in the first phase of Flato’s new subdivison on Glenelg.

Southgate followed the recommendation of its consultants and planner and lifted the “hold” on the property, and sent word to the county that the conditions of the subdivision agreement had been fulfilled.


A site plan was approved for a retreat (yoga) centre for Nguyen on Christie Street, which includes a 15-metre setback and provision of parking onsite.

The owner is one of the three directors of the non-profit Dharma River Mindful Living Community, incorporated this year.

Council adopted a site plan for Paul Martin for an on-farm shop with the usual conditions on a property on the southwest corner of Southgate Road 4 and Sideroad 13.


Council passed a provision to state what kinds of planning projects are subject to Site Plan Control.

Areas that don’t need site plans are:

- residential uses in Urban and Village Community designations;

- single-family residential in areas designated Inland Lakes

- single detached residential dwellings and agricultural uses (other than on-farm shops, greenhouse and diversified uses) in areas designated Agricultural and Rural.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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