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The public meeting for a proposal for a “garden suite” saw positive comments from County of Grey and the SVCA -and also some neighbours.

Neighbouring landowners wrote in to support the use, which allows a second building on a temporary basis for 20 years for use be a family member.

Being involved in the housing market as property managers, the couple reinforced the need for a range of creative responses to the lack of attainable housing.

The County of Grey actually suggested going further than the 20-year “garden suite” to approve an accessory dwelling.

But while that’s possible under the County plan, planner Clint Stredwick said that under Southgate’s current Official Plan that would not be permitted.

The Official Plan is now undergoing a review, and policies related to affordable and attainable housing are to be considered as part of that.

The planner will now prepare his report and the zoning change for agriculture to agriculture exception will be considered by council.


The project to address accessibility and create an event space in downtown Dundalk was not successful. The letter said that the grant competition was highly competitive.


Short-term accommodation (under 30 days) will be prohibited in the zoning bylaw passed regarding the residential subdivision at Wilder Lake, passed Wednesday.

The bylaw implements the subdivision plan for about 30 houses approved earlier. The bylaw also will allow for resort accommodations for the golf course and/or for a caretaker to be added without an amendment, so long as private servicing can be provided.

There is a hold on the land until the conditions are met. A separate report and bylaw authorizing the subdivision agreement would come later.

The planner noted that there was a change made because of news from the Ministry about ownership of the lake bottom and therefore the dock.

The portion of the boundary that included the physical dock that was in the water had been included as part of the lands being rezoned, now it has been excluded.

The email from the MNRF suggested that the lands underneath the dock are Crown land, so Grey County is now requiring that the boundary be certified as a condition prior to registration, the planner explained.

“The applicants must now undertake that process to determine if the lands underneath the dock are crown land or belong to Homestead,” planner Clint Stredwick said in an email response to the Herald.


Charli Hodges will continue until the end of 2021 in the role of administrative support. She had completed five months of a six-month contract.

The staff report said that she has made a valuable contribution with support to several deparments as well as answering phones.

With many people working remotely during COVID, the personal response to a call has been well-received. The extension of the contract will be funded from provincial COVID restart money.


A mandatory vaccine policy was passed for companies doing contract work with Southgate.

In answer to a question, Mr. Milliner said that the policy will be applied to companies who are already in the middle of projects.

Coun. Dobreen expressed concern that the policy could slow down roads projects that are under way. She questioned why the policy was more restrictive than that for employees, with no allowance for antigen testing.

Mr. Milliner said that the public should not be put at risk if for example they stop to ask why a bridge is out. Coun. Dobreen expressed some surprise at the example, of a conversation outside between people 20 months into the pandemic.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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