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Southgate Council met with all members present on July 7 using electronic means.


Cody McGrady was promoted to the role of Acting Captain.

Mr. McGrady has five years with the Fire Department and has shown initiative by helping out with the last recruitment class, participating in leading and developing lesson plans for a few training nights, the staff report said.

The department now has its complement of four volunteer Captains and two volunteer acting captains.


Council approved a request to bring in fill at the property east of the township office on Grey Rd. 9.

According to the fill bylaw each application must come to council, Chief Building Official Bev Fisher said to Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne in answer to question.

The deputy-mayor then suggested that requirement is something that could be refined in future.

The application from Greyridge Metals (Jesse Martin) is to raise the grade in order to place a new barn to the east of the house with a shop behind it within the envelope of the buildings now there. There will be a gravelled yard behind the shop.

Also included were an engineer’s site plan and haul route and approval and comments from the conservation authority.

Each load must come with a ticket showing the location the fill comes from and all fill must be tested and documented. The origin of the fill given on the application was “Toronto subway.”

A minor variance for the property was approved in late April.


Council reviewed an update to the Cemetery bylaw, which reflects the fact there is no longer a cemetery board.

Another change is to simply state there are no burials between Dec. 15 and Apr. 1, instead of previous wording which said “unless weather permits an extension and is approved by the board.” The exception is columbarium interments.

Clerk Lindsey Green said “we just don’t want to take it on when there could be a problem with the equipment, or sinking graves, and that sort of thing.”

The new bylaw adds a section for the Scattering Garden. It allows the township to repair or replace a crumbling foundation, and gives it approval over niche door engravings.


CAO Dave Milliner updated council that in the grant application for renovating the Dundalk pool building they have added a Pride symbol on the pavement.

Council approved placing the crosswalk at Artemesia St. at the post office, which gets a lot of traffic and is not a County Road, meaning those standards don’t have to be met which had made the previous estimated cost higher.

It’s also easier to do the work as township roads can be closed without other approval from other agencies.

Southgate will supply paint and materials for the project. It is likely to contain the blocks of colour of the original Pride flag. The estimate for when Public Works could do the project would be at least four to six weeks. The effort could involve community volunteers, the staff report suggested.

Because of a shortage of traffic paint, other materials will be used which could then be upgraded in the future.


The build-out of the Flato development off Hwy. 10 continues as council approved what is known as a pre-servicing agreement. This allows the installation by the

developer of on-site and off-site infrastructure such as water, sewers, stormwater drains, curbs and gutter, and roads with base of asphalt, while the Subdivision Agreement is going through the approval process. At this stage the on-site securities are five percent only as the municipality is not liable if the project is not completed. That becomes 100 percent at the subdivision agreement stage, when lots have been created and potentially sold. The securities are provided through an irrevocable Letter of Credit.


Council approved a zoning change needed to complete a severance for Larry Schill on a property east of Grey Rd. 8. The change takes agricultural land that was part of a separate parcel with farm buildings and adds it to the adjoining agricultural property.

Peter and Ruth Weber received the required zoning change to add a secondary unit onto an existing house at their property on Southgate Road 22 east of Grey Rd. 23 within the R5 zone on private services. The building was found not to impact surrounding agriculture use.

A site plan amendment was approved for Amos and Betsy Bauman, on Grey Road 9 west of Sideroad 19 to re-locate outside storage areas.

A site plan was approved for Elam and Nancy Martin at Southgate Rd. 26 and SR 73 with usual conditions for an on-farm shop of screening, dust suppression as required and a water reservoir if required by the fire department.


The township sold its 1997 Komatsu loader through GovDeals for $24,500. Roadside grass cutting has started within the Township.

Servicing changes have been ongoing with the new development. The watermain has been commissioned for Glenelg Street and also the internal water system in the Flato /Glenelg development.

The recent closure on Main Street W. in Dundalk was to allow the sanitary sewer hook-up at Keppel Street servicing the Flato /Glenelg development.


Coun. Dobreen presented a motion to support a resolution circulated from another municipality, asking for testing to be expanded to all strains of Lyme Disease, and improving the care and treatment available.


Council went into closed session on two matters:

-a verbal report on Eco Park Land Sale Proposals (Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land (Subject:); -Waste Site Attenuation Land Proposal (Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land).

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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