Southgate Council News

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Southgate will use the Grant Match service for a downtown revitalization project on Proton Street North through the Canada Health Community Initiative grant.

It’s believed to be a better fit than the previously considered Rural Economic Development grant.

This new grant opportunity is aimed at creating and adapting public spaces and programming to respond to needs from COVID-19. Project types include outdoor event and meeting spaces are one of the three areas, along with trails/transit and community digital projects.

If successful, the company is paid 10 percent of the grant money. There are two intakes for the grant program and the plan would be to re-apply if rejected the first time, adapting the proposal based on what is successful in the first round.


The furnace in the former Credit Union at the Holstein Depot stopped working and required replacement.

Dromore Municipal Drain has been relocated in the area of the Dromore Park for lot creation, with work paid for by the property owner.

Tree removal and brushing is starting on township right-of-ways. Residents will be given notice of work in their areas as road closures may be required.

Council conveyed that they had received messages of appreciation about the increase to the amount of sidewalks being cleared in Dundalk this winter. Residents in those areas are reminded they can no longer leave collection bins for pickup on the sidewalk.


A zoning bylaw and site plan were updated because of a change in size of a planned shop since the original application was granted in 2019 to S. and V. Brubacher on Southgate Rd. 10. Construction is planned for this coming year.

A site plan was approved for Port Welding on Southgate Side Road 73, who also owns land to the north and west of the property. The zoning for the powder coating and metal shop was approved in 2019. The site plan outlines measures to reduce effects on neighbouring parties such as tree planting for buffer.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald