Southgate council round-up

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Southgate Council met electronically on Dec. 16 at 1 p.m., with Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne in the chair in the absence of Mayor John Woodbury. The rest of council was in attendance.


Southgate council approved the hiring of eight new firefighters, as auxiliary members bringing the number to 32: Harris Belanger, Brennen Lovato, Gianlucas Scorzafave, Kate Stepanov, Jason Findlayter, Roman Reggio, Thomas Watt and Kenrick Da Cunha.

That number is three short of a full complement, which works well the fire chief said, because it leaves room for people to become full members rather than having to stay as auxiliary for more than a year.

Certifications are going on in small numbers for the testing. Required.


As of January 1, producers of electronic devices are to become directly responsible for collection and further disposal under Ontario’s “producer-pay” legislation.

Council approved an agreement to continue using the company it had already been dealing with: Electronic Products Recycling Association. Its price is $200/tonne for electronics and for batteries, and the service accepts a broader range of materials than one other company considered.


Council approved minutes from the meeting reviewing drinking water quality reports. The naturally-occurring high sodium and fluoride levels continue, but did not require remedial action.

The report noted that there about 20 percent more hydrants in Dundalk in 2020 than two years earlier, 116 compared with 95.


Council approved a site alteration agreement with Flato for Phases 7, 8 & 10 as the company will be moving soils and placing a granular layer on the site.

Securities of about $370,000 were required. The proposal was reviewed and approved by Triton Engineering on behalf of the township.

The fill amount is estimated but may prove different as work goes on, CAO Dave Milliner said in answer to a question.

When asked by Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne as to whether trucks would be going through Dundalk, the CAO said to his knowledge it would all come through Hwy. 10 not through town.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald