Southgate councillors address issues with some rural roads

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A recent Southgate special council meeting to address growth also heard issues raised about roads.

While much residential growth has been centred in Dundalk, throughout the township there have been many on-farm shops open.

Coun. Barb Dobreen commented on Jun. 23 that she had heard from a resident who is looking at the condition of some of the roads in the township used by trucks serving on-farm shops, such as SR 71, 73, 75 and 15, which are being hard-hit and in a deteriorating condition.

She said that 45 percent of total tax dollars spent by the township go to repair and reconstruct the infrastructure.

Coun. Dobreen suggested that money should be spent to upgrade the main truck haul routes, “because they are just not holding up.”

Mr. Milliner questioned the idea that the trucks do more damage than, for example, a bus which has only two sets of wheels to distribute the weight.

He said that the road base is the problem and that some of the areas need to be dug out and fixed before they are paved and resurfaced.

The hot box for pavement patching is a recent investment in roads, he said. Maintaining the edge of the paved surface leads to longer life.

Public works manager Jim Ellis said that a thicker cover, such as 100 or 75 mil rather than the normal 50 mil is being used in some places where there are issues.

He gave the example of Sideroad 49, which was reported on at that meeting, where 100 mil will be used.

Coun. Rice said he had questions from a resident over the number of trucks per day hauling from SR 15 to a project.

Mr. Ellis said there are 80 truckloads each day, which would be 160 trips. The project that they are hauling to is expected to last about three months.

In answer to a question, treasurer Liam Gott said that Southgate received about $57,500 in the aggregate levy in 2020.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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