Southgate will use a different company for online voting in 2022

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Council endorsed a new company to handle electronic and telephone voting after the trouble experienced during the 2018 election.

The company used in 2018, Dominion, did not put in a tender. The company had problems with server capacity on election night 2018, which led to an extension of the voting period in many municipalities.

Scytl Canada is a branch of a company founded in Spain about 20 years ago and was the only company to submit an RFP.

Southgate Clerk Lindsey Green said that she had done a couple of webinars with the company and was happy that they had submitted. She has heard that some other municipalities did not get any response to their requests for firms to manage the online vote in 2022.

The cost approved was $21,300. There are further election costs, such as the Datafix voters’ list service approved earlier this fall, staff time and others.

Scytl says on its website that in the 2018 Ontario municipal election about one million voters in more than 100 municipalities voted through their service. The average time results was available was 10 minutes after the polls closed.

Scytl described Ontario as a pioneer in the adoption of online voting since 2006, with growing numbers of municipalities adding online voting in each election since.

The Grey Highlands RFP for election services closed on Dec. 3 and it plans to offer a hybrid of electronic and paper voting.

The nomination period opens May 2, 2022 and closes Friday, Aug. 19. By Monday, Aug. 22 all nominations are to be examined and certified, and any any candidates elected by acclamation are declared. The election day is Oct. 24.

In another election matter, council chose to defer changes to the sign bylaw on election signage after questions on some of the requirements, for example, for setbacks.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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