Southgate hopes to avoid a new sewage plant build for Dundalk

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Southgate will soon be looking for a firm that can work some environmental magic to avoid the expense of a new wastewater treatment plant.

What makes the township staff optimistic about the possibility is that in 2019, interested firms already responded to township engineer Triton with expressions of interest. They presented their solutions to get the needed capacity through new technologies in the existing lagoon system.

“Specific technologies/ processes were identified that may be compatible with the existing lagoons and treatment facility,” said the public works staff report received last Wednesday.

Southgate staff and Triton also have back-up with involvement of the GRCA and Ministry of Environment, in evaluating the Dundalk Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Dundalk now has just under 1,100 “residential units” – the measurement used in these calculations.

Growth in town is expected to continue at about 150 units per year for the next five years and then cool off slightly to 120 for the next two decades.

As has been covered in previous reports, almost all of the cost for changes due to growth – 90 percent – gets covered by development charges.

The 10-year capital budget still forecasts about $16.3 million for a full mechanical plant in 2022, pending the outcome of the Environmental Assessment process.

If that plant is needed, the report states it’s hoped a grant could be obtained to go along with long-term debt funded from Development Charges, with the remaining 10 percent or $1.5 million to come from Wastewater Reserves.

In contrast to that project, the proposed RFP new technology “upgrades” are being projected to be in the $2 to $5 million range. Those improvements would be made in two phases, one to cope with the first 10 years of growth. The second phase would continue on the same path, so long as effluent and other levels allow it.

The RFP will close Oct. 19, with a public meeting on the proposed solution to be held later this year.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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