Southgate is looking for a full-time EDO to support businesses

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Southgate is now officially looking for an Economic Development Officer.

CAO Dave Milliner has been doing double-duty in filling this role since late 2019 when the year-to-year contract of the last EDO was not renewed.

The CAO said last week that the township should be looking for someone dynamic who is interested in supporting growth.

Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne added that the right candidate needed “to have some sense of what goes on beyond the paved road.”

The new position will be full-time permanent paid between $37.07 to $42.13 per hour.

Coun. Jason Rice questioned whether a contract position again might not be a better approach. The CAO said that the need is foreseen to continue for some time.

Coun. Jim Frew added that he hoped in the future that someone “pays attention” to whether goals for the position are being met.

Priorities for the new hire will include:

-getting a Chamber of Commerce or Business Association going;

-handling the backlog and fielding new inquiries for commercial and industrial land;

-promoting the new Community Improvement Plan

-pursuing other goals in the Community Action Plan, including supporting agriculture businesses and reducing red tape and barriers to business.

The job will be posted internally and externally.

Coun. Martin Shipston said that he hoped the process would go quickly. “I think we need somebody sooner rather than later.”

Coun. Dobreen agreed, saying she commended the CAO for wearing multiple hats but was looking forward to moving ahead with someone in the EDO position.

She recommended having Grey County staff involved in the selection process if possible.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald