Southgate PSB endorses one board for all of Grey-Bruce OPP detachment

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Southgate PSB members decided to endorse a choice to have one board for the whole Grey-Bruce OPP detachment.

The big change was set in motion by the province. It has made changes in the act, including new measures for the boards which provide a forum between residents and the police.

There were other choices, but staff from Grey municipalities that use OPP services met and recommended the one-board option.

Reasons were that it would mean better understanding across the detachment, and match the scope of the Grey-Bruce safety and well-being plan.

Council makes the final decision at its meeting on June 2. The province expects an answer by June 7, or it has said that it will make the decision.


Council decided on May 19 not to endrose a proposal for extra paid-duty officers to increase presence on Hwy. 10 , which is the decision recommended by the police board.

The exception at the PSB meeting was Coun. Jim Frew who voted against the motion not to take part in the program aimed at increasing enforcement against those speeding on Hwy. 10 on summer weekends.

The extra paid-duty officers would have cost about $4,000 for two officers for an eight-hour shift and about $5,000 for a 10-hour shift, with the usual admin and cruiser fees waived.


Members asked the detachment commander about the possibility of setting up a speed monitoring device in Holstein, because of recent incidents of speeding.


There has been an increase in police calls in the Swinton Park area.

Members reported that they are hearing of more reports within the community, and that was confirmed by an increase in the statistics from 2019 to 2021.

The detachment commander suggested that police respond with an increased presence and asked that the members of the community alert police if they see an incident.

At the following council meeting, members reported seeing cruisers in both Holstein and in the Swinton Park area.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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