Spanish Waterpark for Dogs Looks Like Pooches' Paradise

Perros al Agua, a waterpark for dogs in Barcelona, Spain, should be on the list of must-visit holiday destinations for all dog owners.

Javier San Nicolas, the proud owners of four Bernese mountain dogs, Donna, Karan, Detroit and Dam, visited the park on August 18 and this video, shot by his husband, shows three of the pooches enjoying their day out.

The footage shows the dogs in Perros al Agua’s Great Lake, where the animals can enjoy “surfboards, canoes, slides and the star attraction: a great jumping ramp where the Spanish Championship of Jumps takes place every year.”

Seeing how placid San Nicolas’s dogs appear in this footage though, it’s unlikely they’ll be contenders for the next edition of the jumps challenge. Credit: Javier San Nicolas via Storyful