Sparta man agrees to peace bond for church protest

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A Sparta man who ran across the front lawn of the Church of God Restoration (COGR) on a Sunday in January agreed to a peace bond in effect Friday, April 23.

Under the conditions of the peace bond, Terry Carrington cannot contact COGR Pastor Henry Hildebrandt directly or indirectly, physically, electronically, or by any other means.

The other condition is that he cannot attend the church property located at 751 John Street North, Aylmer. The peace bond is in effect for one year.

Mr. Carrington was charged in January with disturbing a religious worship service held at Aylmer Church of God on John Street North. He walked toward the outdoor pulpit and used a megaphone to shout during a Jan. 3 outdoor service.

He told the Express at the time at it was an attempt to bring attention to the treatment of women within the COGR.

“What a relief. I’m very happy with the result,” said Mr. Carrington, adding the charge carries a maximum of two years in jail. “It took quite a while to be done.”

The crown was seeking 18+ months of probation with victim safeguards, including staying 200 metres from Church of God, counselling, Conditional Sentence Order (CSO) hours, and no weapons.

While Mr. Carrington had originally put down a retainer fee for St. Thomas-based criminal lawyer Keli Mersereau, he later changed his mind.

“They got my disclosure then called me in to show me the cost and the options,” said Mr. Carrington, adding each outcome cost between about $6,000 to $10,000. “It was completely out of my budget.”

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express