'Spawn' to Be Resurrected in New Feature Film, From Creator Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse Productions

Spawn (Image courtesy Todd McFarlane)

Back in May, comic-book legend Todd McFarlane (illustrator of Spider-Man, co-creator of Venom, co-founder of Image comics) took to YouTube to announce that he’d finally completed his script for an all-new Spawn film, and to state that he hoped to have a bigger announcement to make about the project at this July’s Comic-Con. True to his word, today, McFarlane revealed at Comic-Con that he and Blumhouse Productions — the company responsible for Get Out, Split, and the Paranormal Activity franchise, among many others — are teaming up to make that screenplay a big-screen reality. And moreover, McFarlane will also be making his directorial debut on the feature.

On his Facebook page this afternoon, McFarlane reiterated that the first draft of the screenplay is complete, and that he’ll be stepping behind the camera on the film — a position that has the full support of Blumhouse’s Jason Blum, who in a press release said, “Having worked with many visionary directors, I think Todd’s unique artistic talents will only add to his role as director of this film.” McFarlane has spent the past year or so talking up his approach to the material, which he’s said would be “a dark, R-rated, scary, badass sort of script,” and would position Spawn — a resurrected-by-the-devil antihero — as more of a background specter, lurking in the shadows of the primary story.

While specifics remain somewhat scarce at the moment, it’s clear that McFarlane and Blumhouse are interested in steering clear of the mistakes made by the previous Spawn film (from 1997, starring Michael Jai White), as well as charting a course different from the one taken by HBO’s 1997-99 animated series.

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