SPCA seizes animals from Langley rescue society for a third time

Adopting a furry friend? Unregulated animal rescues could cost you thousands, advocates say

The B.C. SPCA says they're hoping a Langley woman whom they've seized over 150 animals from in three separate raids this decade will be given a ban on owning animals. 

Officers with the SPCA raided a Langley property on Monday, seizing 17 animals — 12 dogs, four cats and a rabbit — from the same home where they seized 88 animals in 2016 and 71 animals in 2012. 

"We absolutely appreciate people wanting to help animals, but their continuing suffering, under the umbrella of a rescue, is unacceptable," said Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the B.C. SPCA.

Sandra Simans operates the 1atatime Rescue Society and has been responsible for the animals in all three raids. While she won a defamation suit against SPCA in 2014, last December, the B.C. Farm Industry Review Board rejected her appeal last year to return animals taken in the 2016 raid. 

The Crown is still considering charges against Simans from that seizure, which included goats, sheep, hens, roosters, duck, doves, pigeons and a pot-bellied pig.

"Our hope would be if charges are approved, in the past we've found success with warrants that are issued preventing individuals for having animals while they wait trial," said Moriarty, adding that Simans had taken another animal into care a day before the most recent raid. 

"She's going to auction to accumulate animals again, and it's just not in the best interest of those animals at this moment."

"This is a cycle we hope does not continue."