SPCA wins multi-year contract for animal control services in HRM

Halifax's CAO has awarded a three-year contract for animal control services to the SPCA.

The contract is worth $1.05 million and can be extended for another two years.

Elizabeth Murphy, the executive director for the SPCA, declined an interview request until she had "signed the appropriate contracts."

Homeward Bound City Pound has provided animal control services for the municipality for the past decade. The service takes care of animals that have been picked up running at large, or that have been seized because an owner cannot take care of them.

Hope Swinimer, the operator of Homeward Bound City Pound, said she still has some animals in her care.

Robert Short/CBC

"The animals will be perfectly taken care of right through until the end of April," said Swinimer. "And then any animals left will be transferred [to the SPCA]."

Swinimer posted the news on Facebook, thanking the public and volunteers for their support and congratulating the SPCA for winning the contract.

"Each and every day has been a pleasure caring for, reuniting, or adopting out, all the dogs running at large in HRM," Swinimer wrote.

When the tender for the service was issued in January, the documents stated that over the past three years, 875 dogs have been taken to the pound, along with 312 cats, six chickens and two pigs.

Before Swinimer won the contract 10 years ago, the SPCA provided animal control services for HRM.