Special wheelchair will help Beresford man pursue dream of hunting moose

A hunting enthusiast in Beresford is finally able to realize his dream of hunting moose.

Sylvain Comeau has been using a wheelchair since the age of 14 because of a degenerative disease.

The 38-year-old still hunts bear and deer every year with his father and enjoys the adrenaline hunting gives him.

"It's a feeling I love," Comeau said in French.

This week, he found out his name was drawn from among 55,000 aspiring hunters for a moose-hunting licence.

Comeau couldn't believe it.

"My dad was forced to show me 'Congratulations' twice on his phone."

Comeau is also getting an all-terrain wheelchair designed specifically for the outing, just in time for moose season in September.

It can traverse sand, snow and thick woods. The wheelchair uses continuous track wheels, like an army tank, and includes a support for his rifle.


"There will be no more obstacles," he said. "It's really going to be like having my two legs back."

Two years ago, Comeau tried to buy a similar chair in the U.S. for $25,000 but was only able to raise $10,000 with the GoFundMe page he set up.

Luckily, he found someone in Bathurst who was able to build a similar chair for him for that amount.

Comeau's father is scouting out special places where Comeau will be able to hunt.