'No class': Trudeau faces heat for interrupting Scheer's concession speech

In an unprecedented moment, the Canadian election ended just as the English debate had gone a few weeks earlier – with the political leaders still trying to talk over each other.

Early Tuesday morning, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh were all giving their closing speeches at the exact same time, forcing broadcasters across the country to choose one speech over the others.

Singh had spoken for several minutes in Burnaby, B.C. before Scheer hit the stage in Regina, Sask. But just as Scheer began speaking, Trudeau was walking up on stage in Montreal. Typically the victor – in this case Trudeau – is the last person to speak on an election night, waiting for the defeated parties to first give their concession speeches.

The reaction on Twitter to the debacle of having three leaders speaking at the same time was swift.

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