Speed kills

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Over the last few months, speeding motorists have been an on-going issue in town and on Highway 43 passing Fox Creek. Driving in the winter creates its own set of hazards, such as low visibility and unpredictable road conditions. Add excessive speed into the mix, and it can mean the difference between life and death should an accident occur.

Ferguson noted on the January report to council that motorists using Kaybob Drive have been speeding anywhere from 11 kilometres over the posted speed limit to excess of doing 78 km/h in town. The majority of those captured from laser for speeding have been in the early morning hours, suggesting they are rushing to get to work. The busiest times for traffic in Fox Creek are in the early morning when workers are heading out to the plants or worksites, and around 6:00 pm when they return. It's been a common issue for many years, as workers tend to get in every bit of sleep possible, resulting in falling behind schedule, leading to speeding to make it to work on time. With proper time management, many of these issues and the potential for an accident can be avoided.

In total, 55 occurrences were recorded in January and involved either traffic offences or non-moving traffic bylaw occurrences. Another concern noted is the misuse of the boat launch out at Iosegun Lake. Stunt driving, alcohol consumption, and people having large pallet fires in the parking lot have raised concerns. Moving forward, safer roads and public education will continue to be a priority.

On a more positive note, the local RCMP recovered a vehicle stolen in Fox Creek, which traced back to British Columbia. Two occupants in the stolen vehicle were apprehended and arrested the following day.

Vicki Winger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Whitecourt Press