Speed limit changes approved for Huron County locations

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HURON COUNTY – Speed limits will be adjusted on several Huron County roads after county council approved a request from their manager of public works to reduce the speed of drivers coming into three towns.

Cameron Harper made the recommendation on Oct. 20 at the regular meeting of Huron County council.

The locations that will change include both east and west entrances to Zurich; the 50km/hr speed limit through Zurich will be extended 240 metres east.

This will reduce speeds coming into Zurich from the east as the current 50 km/h posting is at East Street (Community Center access). In addition, extending this zone will decrease vehicle speeds entering the town in front of more residential and commercial properties.

The 70km/hr sign will be moved another 150 metres east to allow adequate sign spacing. The new 70 km/h zone will start on the east side of Blind Line.

On the west side, Zurich’s 50 km/h speed limit will be extended 70 metres west with the 70 km/h zone to remain in place. This will allow for slower vehicle speeds coming into town. In addition, the new 50 km/h zone will include one additional commercial property.

Other changes include County Road 21 through Huron Park. In addition, the 50km/h speed limit is extended an additional 70 metres north and further out of town. Extending the 50 km/h zone will allow for the recommended speed reduction and create adequate safety for the pedestrian crosswalk and Community Centre traffic.

County Road 84 will see an intermediate 70 km/h zone added west of Hensall. The current 50 km/h zone would stay the same, and the 70 km/h zone would begin 175 metres west of the 50 km/h zone. This would allow for a more gradual reduction of speed when entering Hensall from the west.

Harper’s report said that there would be minimal impact on the budget for these changes, with nominal operating costs to adjust sign locations being the only mention in the report.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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