Speed limit on Ferguson Road to be lowered

·1 min read

The speed limit on Ferguson Road will be lowered to 30 kilometres per hour following approval at last night’s city council meeting.

The stretch of road is on Sea Island, near the airport-adjacent Canada Post and UPS locations. The Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant is also accessed via Ferguson Road.

In a report, city staff noted that tens of thousands of cyclists use the road yearly, and due to its length and lack of traffic signals it is often used by competitive cyclists for training. However, some parts of the road are so narrow that cyclists and vehicles must share the same lane.

The stretch between McDonald and Shannon roads is within the city’s jurisdiction, and will have its speed limit changed following amendment of the relevant traffic bylaw. The west-most side of the road is within the jurisdictions of Vancouver Airport Authority and Metro Vancouver, who have also agreed to implement the same 30 kilometres per hour speed limit on their sections of the road.

Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Richmond Sentinel