Speeds in Kneehill County hamlets reduced to 40km/h

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Kneehill County residents will need to pay attention to the road ahead as council has passed the third and final reading of the new Traffic Control Bylaw during the regular council meeting on Tuesday, September 14.

Among the amendments to the bylaw were reduction in posted speed limits in hamlets, from 50 kilometres per hour down to 40, and permitting the safe operation of off highway vehicles (OHV) within the county.

Following second reading of the bylaw at the August 17 council meeting, consultation with area ratepayers was held, and there were requests received by ratepayers to reduce the posted speed limits in hamlets.

Manager of Protective Services Deb Grosfield tells the Mail, “Throughout this process we actually found we have very little signage in the hamlets, and either way the speed went to, we needed to install signage anyway.”

Grosfield notes the county has some speed signs in stock, though there is room within the signage portion of the Operating Budget to accommodate any additional signage required.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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