Speedy drivers a concern for Katrine residents

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Doe Lake Road and Ferguson Road in Katrine are going to become a Community Safety Zone thanks to lead-footed drivers.

Armour town council has directed clerk-treasurer/administrator John Theriault and roads supervisor Keith McCoy to come back to council with a draft bylaw that will take the current speed limit on both streets from 40 km/h to 30 km/h on the narrow streets.

Coun. Rod Ward suggested the Community Safety Zone route after the council considered several options.

One suggestion was to lay down asphalt speed bumps which the snow removal plow would simply go up and over during the winter.

Another was to erect a mobile speed-radar sign.

McCoy told council other municipalities have reported success with the signs because motorists believe they’re approaching a speed trap and slow down.

A third option was to ask the OPP to have an officer on site.

However, Theriault said this was not feasible because the police don’t have the staffing to dedicate an officer to the area on an ongoing basis.

The pursuit to change both streets into a Community Safety Zone follows a delegation of residents at Armour town council complaining about speeding drivers.

Ted Shelley, who lives on Doe Lake Road, led the delegation.

Shelley said it’s not just the residents who are worried about the fast vehicles.

There are four camping/cottage resorts in the area and Shelley told council the resort owners are also worried.

“Everyone agreed the cars are travelling way too fast on that road,” Shelley told council.

“And there's a lot of traffic with kids going to and from the lake.”

Shelley says the area also has plenty of wildlife getting killed due to speeding vehicles.

“Every couple of days I’m picking up (dead) squirrels, ducks or something that got hit by a vehicle going through there,” he said.

Shelley said if the speed wasn’t bad enough, some drivers ignore the stop signs at the corner of Doe Lake Road and Snowshoe Lane.

“I’ve stopped cars and told the driver there's a stop sign there and their response is no one was there so why should they stop,” Shelley said.

McCoy told council that in Community Safety Zones, the speed fines double if the driver is caught speeding.

Mayor Bob MacPhail says the new bylaw could be in place sometime this summer.

Rocco Frangione, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The North Bay Nugget

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