How to make spicy garlic pan fried okra

When you want one more dish on the table, when you want a beer snack, how about this quick and easy addictive spicy garlic panfried okra? Rubbing with salt, peeling off the calyx, and other troublesome preparations on the textbook are completely omitted with an easier, just as delicious end result. This recipe goes amazing with a glass of beer as a healthy, late night snack, and is an easy way to get in a little extra fiber into your diet. ============================================================= ❥ YouTube : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= 00:08 Tips On preparing Okura 03:16 Pan Frying Okura ● Ingredients (for one) ・Okra … 8 to 10 ・Garlic ... 2 to 4 ・Chilli pepper... 2 ・Katsuobushi … half pack ・Salt ・Black pepper ・Soy sauce ・Olive oil ● Recipe ① Mince Garlic and remove seeds from dried chili peppers. ② Slice through and remove the stem and calyx of the okra, cutting longer pieces in half diagonally. ③ Pour a dollop of olive oil into a frying pan and add garlic and chilli pepper over low heat. ④ When the garlic is aromatic, raise the heat and add the okra. ⑤ When the okra becomes somewhat soft, sprinkle with salt and black pepper. When the Okra is slightly burnt pour in a splash of soy sauce and cook off moisture until lightly burned. Toss to incorporate and finish by sprinkling and tossing in a handful of bonito flakes. ● Cooking tips ・On textbook preparation, Okra is usually rubbed with salt to remove the fuzz, but I don't do it because the finished product won't change much even if I don't do it. ・When okra is boiled, it needs the head on because it will be watery with out it, but when frying it, it's not necessary, so it can be just cut off in the preparation. ・Pour the soy sauce onto the hot frying pan to burn, and when the fragrant aroma comes out, mix it with the okra to bring out the flavor.