Spiking victim says police advised her not to report incident

If you think you have been spiked, seek medical assistance and report the incident to police. Support and information is available at Spiking UK on 07785 742738 and email, and Drink Aware on 0300 123 1110 and email.

A woman who says she was spiked in a bar has described how a police officer told her not to report the incident because authorities would “not take her seriously.”

Havva Ramadan, who features in Channel 4’s documentary The Truth About Spiking: UNTOLD presented by Daisy Maskell, told Good Morning Britain on Monday (23 October) that an officer informed her police “wouldn’t do anything because nothing actually happened to me.”

In the documentary, Ms Ramadan said she was spiked on a night out after “some guy made it clear he liked me, I was talking to another guy, I could see he didn’t like it.”