Spooking speeders: Prairie city latest to use police cut-outs on busy roads

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    Why then the need for real cops to catch speeders if this new pilot project is working out so well at a substantial savings to the taxpayers.
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    NEXT,, cut out donuts ,,stay tuned !
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    Ghost Busters
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    I live here in Lloyd, after seeing these once or twice you're just going to ignore them because you remember. Lloyd is to small of a city it only takes you 5-10 minutes to get through depending on the lights. Lloyd's biggest problem by far are people that love to run red lights.
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    Well that is that end of that program.
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    This maybe so.

    How come no article on the Richmond Hill father, & son caught with devices, & a detonator.

    USA officials once again tipped off Canadian authorities about this.

    Faith Goldy broke this story.

    Once Justin passes censorship laws.
    Faith will not be allowed to report such an issue, & maybe jailed.
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    Ice Rinks
    It seems to work (some of the time), Canadians have been fooled for years by that cardboard cutout known as Trudeau.
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    How many times have they had rocks thrown at them been saluted the bird beaten with a bat and maybe even shot ?
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    take a few home put them around the pool.
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    Good idea. You have to move them around and have different looking ones though, so that they don't become recognizable as fake. Otherwise the effectiveness will drop