Sports car slams into highway accident scene, side-swiping police cruiser and crashing into fire truck

A sports car slammed into an active accident scene on the ice-slicked roads of South Surrey on Thursday night, crashing into an RCMP cruiser and then into the back of a fire truck.

Police said the crash happened around 10 p.m. PT in the northbound lane of Highway 99 west of Serpentine Road.

Police and fire vehicles were at the scene of a minor accident but the driver of the sports car did not see their flashing emergency lights until it was too late, Surrey Fire Battalion Chief Brian Carmichael said.

"The driver said the vehicle in front of him swerved right over and he didn't see the accident scene and unfortunately drove right into it," Carmichael told CBC News.

Police say the driver lost traction and slid into the police vehicle, before hitting the back of a fire truck that had been parked to protect the initial accident scene.

"The civilian vehicle side-swiped the police vehicle and then continued forward into the back of the fire truck," said Surrey RCMP Sgt. Dave Park.

The driver was taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries and as a precaution, said Park.

Police are continuing their investigation into the crash.