Sports quiz of the week: power, money, fame and snooker

Paul Campbell
Photograph: Alex Davidson/Getty Images
  1. Why was there a brief delay during the Masters snooker final between Stuart Bingham and Ali Carter on Sunday?

    1. Midway through a frame the players realised there were not enough balls on the table

    2. Carter missed a shot, punched the table in frustration and cut his hand. Play was delayed until the bleeding stopped

    3. Someone in the crowd kept making noises with a fart box

    4. One of the players had a coughing fit that lasted 15 minutes

  2. Chelsea have become the first Premier League club to open a …

    1. … bar in their stadium that only sells non-alcoholic beers

    2. … kiosk in their stadium that is fully vegan

    3. … pawn shop so fans can return old, unwanted merchandise

    4. … cinema in their ground that shows “classic matches and documentaries”

  3. Laurent Hurtubise hit a hole-in-one at the PGA American Express golf tournament in southern California. Why was his shot particularly remarkable?

    1. He did it on a par five

    2. He had lost balls at the three previous holes

    3. He has one arm

    4. His shot was going way past the green but it bounced off a tree and rolled into the hole

  4. Lionel Messi played his 500th game for Barcelona this week. How many goals has he scored for the club?

    1. 400

    2. 450

    3. 500

    4. 550

  5. After playing for the New York Giants for 16 years, Eli Manning is retiring as the best paid player in NFL history. How much did Manning earn from the Giants during his career (just his salary – not any endorsements or sponsorships)?

    1. $52m

    2. $152m

    3. $252m

    4. $352m

  6. The Egyptian football club 6th of October signed a player called Ezzeldin Bahader this week. What is unusual about that?

    1. Unlike the rest of the squad, Bahader was not born on 6 October

    2. Bahader is 75 years old

    3. Bahader is the club’s owner

    4. Bahader was the top scorer in the Egyptian Premier League last season but has decided to drop two divisions to save his local club from a disastrous relegation

  7. Conor McGregor made his long-awaited return to UFC on Saturday night, having been out of action for 15 months. How long did his comeback fight last?

    1. 0.4 seconds

    2. 4 seconds

    3. 40 seconds

    4. 400 seconds

  8. Erling Haaland made his debut for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga this week. Dortmund were losing 3-1 to Augsburg when Haaland came on as a substitute in the 56th minute. What was the final score?

    1. Augsburg 3-3 Dortmund

    2. Augsburg 6-1 Dortmund

    3. Augsburg 3-5 Dortmund

    4. Augsburg 4-7 Dortmund

  9. The tennis player Elliot Benchetrit made an unusual request to a ball girl at the Australian Open this week. What did he ask her?

    1. To play the rest of a set for him as he was too tired

    2. To peel a banana for him

    3. To only give him a drink "if it's Robinsons fruit squash"

    4. To tie his shoe laces

  10. There are 91 clubs in the top four divisions of English football. Which one of them has not scored a league goal yet in 2020?

    1. Tottenham Hotspur

    2. Bournemouth

    3. Bristol Rovers

    4. Leeds United

  11. Darlington defender Luke Trotman and Oxford City defender Finn Tapp did not play for their clubs at the weekend. Where were they?

    1. They went to Las Vegas to see the Conor McGregor fight

    2. There were modelling at Milan fashion week

    3. They have gone to South Africa to appear in Love Island

    4. They were in California for the Golden Globes, where they won an award


1:C - “Not very funny at all, whoever thought of that idea,” said Dennis Taylor in commentary., 2:B - The menu includes a vegan pizza, cauliflower wings, a vegan doner kebab and a falafel wrap., 3:C - Hurtubise took up golf at 11 and has never looked back. He has spoken in the past about his determination to not let his difference hold him back. “As a kid, sports was a way for me to prove that even though I had a difference that I could perform as well as normal people ... as they call them. People have differences and handicaps and whatever, but it was my way to prove that I could be as good as everybody else.”, 4:C - He also has 200 assists. Not bad really., 5:C - His brother, Payton Manning, retired in 2016 with career earnings of $249m. , 6:B - We’re not going to lie. This looks like a big publicity stunt. Bahader has never played professional football before but he will go into the Guinness Book of Records if he makes an appearance for the club., 7:C - The fight was extremely one-sided. His opponent, Donald Cerrone, only threw one punch and it missed., 8:C - Haaland scored three goals in 23 minutes to help Dortmund turn it around. Not a bad start at his new club., 9:B - The umpire was not impressed with Benchetrit's request but he explained himself after the match, saying: "I asked the ball girl to peel the banana for me as I had put some cream on my hands in order not to sweat. She had done it before at the beginning of the match, but the second time the chair umpire stepped in and told me that the ball girl was not my slave and I had to peel the banana myself. I could not believe that the umpire said that.", 10:C - Bristol Rovers have not scored in League One since Boxing Day (when they lost). Fans will be hoping to see some improvement at the Memorial Ground on Saturday., 11:C - Whatever that is.


  1. 1 and above.

    Not the best score we've seen.

  2. 2 and above.

    Not the best score we've seen.

  3. 3 and above.

    Not the best score we've seen.

  4. 4 and above.

    A decent effort. Have a great weekend

  5. 5 and above.

    A fine effort. Have a great weekend

  6. 6 and above.

    A very fine effort. Have a great weekend

  7. 7 and above.

    A very fine effort. Have a great weekend

  8. 8 and above.

    You are a genius. Have a great weekend

  9. 9 and above.

    You are a genius. Have a great weekend

  10. 10 and above.

    You are a genius. Have a great weekend

  11. 0 and above.

    Not the best score we've seen.

  12. 11 and above.

    You know it all. Have a great weekend