Spreading the Love: Man Enjoys Cuddle Time with Donkeys at Ohio Farm

The co-founder of an animal sanctuary treated a group of donkeys to some adorable snuggles at the facility, which is located in Marengo, Ohio, recently.

In the video, originally shared to TikTok, on July 28 Dean Fagan is shown cradling some donkeys on his shoulders as he lovingly strokes their backs and hugs them.

Together, with his wife Dawn, the Fagans run their donkey farm on a 67-acre farm called Jackass Junction.

The husband and wife first rescued a donkey called Mister Donker Donks, and now use the name as inspiration for the sanctuary’s Instagram account.

They care for several mini-donkeys, sharing updates on the animals alongside viral videos of them via Instagram, TikTok and other social media accounts. Credit: @mrdonkers via Storyful

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