Spring forecast warns of high runoff for southeast Sask.

Some regions in east-central and southeast Saskatchewan will see higher than normal runoff in the spring, according to the Water Security Agency.

The agency released its 2017 spring runoff forecast on Thursday.

The area of greatest concern is in the southeast, below the Rafferty and Alameda reservoirs near the Manitoba border. That said, according to the agency, significant flood damages are not expected.    

The other region of concern is near Hudson Bay in the east-central part of the province. Runoff there is expected to be above normal.  

Most of the province, though, will see normal runoff.

Much of Saskatchewan experienced milder temperatures to begin the new year, and in some regions the snowmelt runoff is either complete or nearing completion.

The water agency also noted that the mountain snowpack is near normal and that should result in normal water levels along the Saskatchewan River system.