Spring's first storm headed to Avalon, Burin regions Tuesday

The sun is shining across most of the island on Monday, but don't be fooled by any early signs of spring — we've still got some winter weather in the forecast.

A special weather statement is in effect for the Avalon Peninsula, Burin Peninsula and Clarenville area from Tuesday evening into Wednesday evening, as meteorologists anticipate a storm bringing between 20 and 30 centimetres of snow.

And some areas could see more than 30 centimetres, said Dale Foote, a meteorologist at Environment Canada's Gander office.

High winds will likely pick up later on in the system, which would mean blowing snow after the heaviest snowfall is over.

"We're lucky, the snow starts fairly far out ahead of the low," Foote said. "The wind starts to pick up probably Wednesday morning ... and it will probably be towards the evening, towards midnight before it drops out significantly."

The Gander Weather Office names each winter storm as it crops up in the forecast. The team has gone all the way through the alphabet this year and is back to the letter B — this one is being called Bolt.

"We've been doing that for years, naming these storms, but this is the first year it's gotten outside of our little circle here," Foote laughed.

With schools and many businesses already closed due to the COVID-19 virus, the storm shouldn't cause much disruption on the roads. It will be an issue for anyone having to commute on Wednesday morning as the winds pick up with gusts forecast at 80 km/hr, and possibly 100 km/hr over exposed areas.

There's another system in the forecast for Friday that will likely bring snow to Labrador and the Northern Peninsula, but bring rain to the southern parts of the island.

"That will help get rid of some of the snow we are getting on Tuesday into Wednesday," Foote said.

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