Spryfield development to house 900 residents

A new $100 million residential development on the Spryfield side of Long Lake is breaking ground without the usual public clamour.

Long Lake Village will cover close to 16 hectares between Cowie Hill and North West Arm Drive and house close to 900 people. The development will eventually involve close to 400 units including condominiums, apartments, townhouses and eventually semi-detached homes.

"It's a nice master plan which has taken a long time to put together and think out," said David Graham, president of Atlantic Developments Inc.

Unlike other development projects in the Halifax area, there has been little public outcry against the Long Lake project.

One public hearing back in 2009 heard some concerns about extra traffic and damage to nearby homes from blasting, but Graham said he was forthright dealing with neighbours' concerns.

"We were able to answer their questions and deal with them in a respectful manner," he said.

The group ordered a traffic impact study to satisfy the municipal and provincial traffic authority and determined that it wasn't going to strain the existing infrastructure.

Bruce Holland of the Spryfield and District Business Commission says this project could help the area grow.

"Any new housing development always brings in new people and creates a good atmosphere for the community," he said.

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