Spy kitties in bow ties glam up Dawson City Cat Show

Apparently, Northerners have a thing for dogs — but not cats.

That's according to Dawson City's annual Bombay Peggy's Cat Show organizer Maria Sol Suarez.

"Everyone was joking about how everyone is such a dog person in Dawson, and in the Yukon in general," said Suarez.

So some cat-lovers decided to throw the forgotten Yukon kitties their own show during Thaw di Gras, Dawson City's spring festival.

"Everyone organizes the dog show in every town, but nobody ever steps up to organize the cat show, so we decided to do it," said Suarez.

This year's theme was Double-Paw-Seven, International Cat of Mystery.

"It's more like a theatre piece than it is a cat show really," said Suarez. 

Judges and cat owners dress up for the show, oftentimes more elaborately than their furry friends.

There are first, second and third place prizes, but many cats will get their own customized awards.

One year, Suarez dressed up her cat Lloyd to look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

"He was wearing this magnificent leather jacket that I found at the thrift store, like a cat leather jacket."

Lloyd won an award for "Best Rebel Attitude."

Suarez says she hopes that through their efforts Northerners will see past cat stereotypes "like cats are moody and stuff."

"It's true but they're awesome. They're incredibly entertaining and funny."

The cat show has been "growing like crazy," says Suarez.

"There's enough weird people here that show up and love it."

Previous years' themes included Miss Kitty Universe and Catolympics. Last year was the Purrsidential Race where a Donald Trump cat ran in the cat election.

"This is really my favourite time of the year."