Spyhill Council Discusses Education Mill Rate at 4.46

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At 8:28 A.M. on April 16, 2021, Deputy Mayor Allan Perrin called the meeting of the Village of Spy Hill to order with the absence of the mayor.

The council reviewed the minutes for the last meeting, Councillor A. Perrin made the motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.

The council reviewed the agenda before making a motion to accept the amended agenda.

Next, the council reviewed the town maintenance report with the town foreman. The boil water advisory has been lifted, water usage is at a normal level, water lines have been flushed, sampling of the landfill test holes was discussed and how to achieve these samples, there were tires and a battery at the dump which are not acceptable for the landfill.

The council reviewed the Financials of the village before Councillor Jack made a motion to accept the List of Accounts; motion carried.

The Bank Reconciliation was reviewed before a motion was made by Councillor A. Perrin. to accept the bank Reconciliation.

The Bank Statement was then reviewed. After a short discussion Councillor, B. Perrin made a motion to accept the bank statement; motion carried.

The Spy Hill Fire Department was next to be discussed. The budget for the fire department was reviewed as well as the minutes; discussion tabled.

There were two building permits sought for in town. Council reviewed the permits before Councillor A. Perrin made a motion to approve them; motion carried.

The council reviewed an appeal that SAMA has sent to the town.; it has been reviewed. Councillor B. Perrin made a motion to accept the assessment; motion carried.


The lagoon was discussed. The fence needs work and the grass needs cutting therefore the council will look into this.

The shop tools were then discussed. The council is in the process of getting decent tools for the town shop.


The gravel for the dump was discussed. There are some soft places on the roads in the dump area and price quotes were obtained. Councillor B. Perrin made a motion to get the gravel; motion carried.

The council discussed the Education Mill Rate increase, from 4.12 to 4.46.

The potash sharing amount has increased slightly but the potash revenue has gone down slightly.

The council discussed concrete barriers. B. Perrin made a motion to buy three concrete barriers; motion carried.

The bingo pump needs replacing and quotes will be looked into to replace this pump.

The meeting was adjourned.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal