Squid Game VR attraction comes to London

Fans are now able to experience Netflix’s Squid Game for themselves.

The Squid Game Virtuals location-based VR experience will launch on September 29 at Sandbox VR locations worldwide.

Made for two groups of six people, you'll participate in a variety of challenges, such as ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Crossing the Glass Bridge’ among others.

Additionally, "surprising new twists" that broaden the world of the series are promised by Netflix and Sandbox VR.

To remember your adventure, players will receive unique highlight videos that record their in-game emotions virtually and summarise how their individual Squid Game story developed.

The Squid Game experience will be taking place at The Post Building, Museum Street, London, WC1A 1PB and tickets range from £35 to £65.

Over 40 locations in seven different countries are served by Sandbox VR. It has launched 18 locations in the past 12 months, each with more than 5,000 square feet and at least 4 holodecks.

The eighth VR title created by Sandbox VR's in-house gaming studio is called Squid gaming Virtuals. Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission, Curse of Davy Jones, and the fantasy game Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire are a few other VR experiences.

The creator of Oculus Palmer, Lucky, last year created a concept VR headset that mimicked Squid Game that can kill you in real life if you die in a game.

According to a blog post by Luckey, the gadget was apparently influenced by the mid-2000s Japanese webcomic Sword Art Online, whose animated adaptation is accessible on Netflix. Users enter there by donning NerveGear, a technology that whisks them away to a dangerous alternate reality.

Three explosive charges that "destroy the user's brain" are carried by the VR headgear. According to the theory, if your character dies while the game is still running, a signal will be activated, such as a blinking red light during the game's end credits, which will subsequently set off the explosive charge.