Squirrel delays Twins-Indians game for nearly five minutes

A member of the Rally Squirrel family made an appearance at Progressive Field on Saturday, and it’s clear it cared nothing for Commissioner Rob Manfred’s pace-of-play concern.

During the sixth inning of the Twins 4-1 win against the Indians, the squirrel got loose on the field and managed to halt the action for nearly five minutes.

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Perhaps the Indians let it loose looking for a way to break Jose Berrios’ focus in the midst of his seven-plus inning gem?

Nah, they’re not that desperate. At least not yet.

But the squirrel did its best to grind the game to a halt by darting all over the ballpark.

You’d think its pace here is unsustainable, but it kept going and going.

Brian Dozier of the Twins watches as a squirrel runs on the field during Saturday’s game in Cleveland. (AP)

Even the fans at home were mesmerized.

One possibility we can’t overlook here is this squirrel might be truly nuts. In fact, that might be the safest assumption we’ve made all day.

What can you do? When a squirrel wants its 15 minutes of fame bad enough, there’s no stopping it.

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