St Andrew's student who threatened to 'end' teacher's life disciplined

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A photo showing scenes from a video posted on social media in which a student gesticulates at a teacher.
In an edited 56-second clip posted on social media, a student can be seen gesticulating at a staff member who in turn shouts at the student not to scold him. (SCREENCAPS: @RobinHoot.SG/Instagram)

SINGAPORE — A St Andrew's Secondary School student who was caught in a viral video threatening a teacher with death has been disciplined.

In a statement on Wednesday (24 August), the school said it has also engaged the student's parents, and will work closely with them to counsel and guide him.

"We take a serious view of disrespectful behaviour towards staff and the student has been disciplined," it said.

Yahoo News Singapore has reached out to the school for comment on whether the teacher in the video would be provided with any form of assistance.

The video, which has some 100,000 views on Facebook and 2,700 likes on Instagram as of Thursday evening, appeared to be taken in a classroom with other students present.

In the 56-second clip, a student can be seen gesticulating at a teacher who in turn shouts at the student not to scold him. In response, the student pulls off his face mask and asks, "What are you going to do about it? You get a bloody life first."

Both of them repeat themselves and as the student is walking away, the teacher retorts loudly twice, "Don't scold me the four-letter word."

One person could be heard saying, "fight, fight" off-camera, with another person laughing.

The teacher could also be heard shouting repeatedly, "Don't touch me," after the student walks back and points at him.

The student's hand continues to touch the teacher's forearm. He points at the teacher and says, "You watch your mouth...I will end your life right now man."

Another man could be seen breaking up the fight shortly after.

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