St. Catharines Enterprise Centre offering small businesses online help

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St. Catharines Enterprise Centre (SCEC) is offering insight to small businesses hoping to grow their online presence.

A recent survey of Niagara businesses conducted by Niagara’s Rapid Economic Response Team placed increased online presence as the second highest priority for businesses in Niagara.

The SCEC partnered with 47 business centres across Ontario to form a COVID-19 to recovery network, from which came a tutorial series. The series, titled “Social Media: The Business Edit,” is a four part online series with guides for entrepreneurs on how to improve social media presence. The tutorial also gives an opportunity to ask questions and seek personalized advice.

Tutorials include “The Building Blocks of Social Media and Business: An In-depth Look at Content Creation”; “Social Media and Advertising”; and “The Social Media Storefront.”

“A robust online presence has become increasingly important for businesses to succeed, especially in the post-pandemic context,” said Rob Belchior, SCEC small business consultant.

He said social media was part of everyday life, and consumer habits showed an increase in online purchases, making an online presence “crucial.”

Those interested in attending can register on the SCEC website, and course material will be posted weekly on the St. Catharines Small Business Support Network Facebook group. Those who miss the first instalment can still register for later portions of the series.

Moosa Imran, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News

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