St. Clair rec fees set for spike to offset COVID losses

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St. Clair residents will be looking at increased fees at the pool, fitness center and golf course next year as the Township attempts to recoup losses from COVID closures.

One of the biggest jumps will come through the year-long aqua fitness membership. The existing annual price of $225 will go up 122 per cent to $500.

The fitness center is where most of the big leaps will take place though. A one-year single membership goes from $275 to $617.50 (up 125%), with the equivalent senior’s price going to $522.50 from this year’s $255 (up 105%).

A one-year membership for couples goes from $450 to $731.25 (up 63%) and a one-year family from $600 to $926.25 (up 54%). Six-month passes will be getting the same treatment: a single pass goes from $200 to $325 (up 63%), a senior from $175 to $275 (up 57%), a couple from $255 to $487.50 (up 91%), and a family pass from $450 to $682.50 (up 52%).

The golf course won’t be escaping the rate hikes either. The biggest percentage increase will be for a 9-hole cart, jumping 77 per cent from $9.04 to $20. An 18-hole cart goes from $18.08 to $30, up 47 per cent.

Most other golf services will go up by 10 per cent. The biggest dollar increase will be on the family membership with two adults and up to three children, which rises from $2,825 to $3,107.50 (up 10%).

Mayor Steve Arnold says he expects the biggest pushback to the new rates will be from golfers. “I did have some feedback that they were disappointed that we put the price up for golfing as much as we did,” Arnold says.

But he added that without mass distribution of a COVID vaccine on the horizon, these prices aren’t likely to come down if people want the course to operate, since the increased cleaning fees have to be factored in.

The new fitness center and pool prices will begin on Apr. 1, 2021, while the new golf course fees will start on New Year’s Day.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent