St. John River water levels to exceed flood stage in Jemseg

Water levels on the St. John River at Jemseg are expected to exceed the flood stage in the next two days because of the rain this week, says the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization. 

Water levels at Fredericton, Maugerville, and Sheffield-Lakeville Corner are expected to approach flood stage during that time.

The total amount of rainfall expected Wednesday ranged from 20 millimetres in the upper St. John River basin to 25 millimetres in the lower St. John River basin. In Charlotte County, 40 millimetres of rain was expected.

"In addition to the precipitation, snow currently on the ground in the upper part of the Saint John River basin can contribute to increasing the water levels, especially with the anticipated rise in temperatures at or above 20 degrees, which will accelerate the melting process," EMO said in its release.

"Water equivalents of the snow pack are somewhat varied, but recent estimates suggest areas with as much as 100 mm still available within the upper portion of the basin." 

EMO said it is monitoring water levels closely and warned residents to remain vigilant because the situation could change quickly.